Changing An Air Filter

Things That Strain Your Heat Pump That Could Lead to a Repair

As the Las Vegas temperature drops, your heat pump often has to pick up the pace to keep your household cozy. While it will unavoidably run the longest during colder months, there are some things you can do to prevent excess strain on your heat pump that could lead to a heat pump repair.

Is Your Filter Dirty?

Ah, the golden rule of heat pump ownership: take a look at your air filter often and confirm it is not dirty. We can’t say it enough. This is an inexpensive way to keep your heat pump running as it should and help prevent heat pump repair. When your air filter is dirty and clogged, it becomes harder for air to pass through and causes your heat pump to work a lot harder than it should. All this extra work can mean a breakdown. If you have Polar Air & Heating, Inc. perform regular annual maintenance on your heat pump, we’ll check your air filter and replace it if needed. It’s a good idea to set a reminder for yourself to check your filter every month and change it again when you start to observe dirt building up.

Are Your Vents Clear and Open?

If your vents are dirty or blocked, or even just closed, your heat pump is going to run harder than it needs to. Keep furniture and curtains from blocking your vents to let the warm air to flow through your house and alleviate the load on your heat pump. If you feel the airflow still isn’t as strong as it should be, or you see dirt gathering on your vent covers, have your ductwork checked out. Leaks may need to be sealed, or it just might need a good cleaning.

If you find that the ducts are clear, but your heat pump still isn’t keeping up, give Polar Air & Heating, Inc. a call before you flip the emergency heat switch. We might be able to help you find a better way to heat your home.

Are You Using a Programmable Thermostat?

A programmable thermostat can help avert your heat pump from running when it isn’t necessary. Without a programmable thermostat, your heat pump will heat your home during times when it’s not needed—like when the house is empty or away on vacation. A programmable thermostat allows you to customize your heating schedule around your lifestyle and heat your home at specific times—which will help you save money on your energy bill and lower any strain on your heat pump and help prevent a heat pump repair.

If you want more information on reducing the strain on your heat pump and preventing heat pump repair, give Polar Air & Heating, Inc. a call at 702-623-0579 and our experts can walk you through it. 

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