What Our Customers Say
“Very friendly service. Came out within 2 hours of our call and no hassle during the repair. Charged exactly as quoted. Awesome!!”
– H.B.
“I've been in my current house almost 8 years and have had a few issues my ac units. Prior companies gave me the run around and weren't honest or didn't fix my ac's. Found Polar Air through a friend 3 years ago and have been very satisfied since. They have always responded quickly, anytime of the day. Techs were knowledgable, didn't creep my wife out, and I never felt over sold on things. Polar Air is the best ac company I've found in my 15 years of being a homeowner in the Las Vegas valley!”
– Darren M
“We called Polar Air after receiving two previous quotes on the repair of our AC unit. Our house is only 8 years old so we didn't think that our AC should already need a new compressor. The other two companies said we should replace it for $2,600 as it wasn't under warranty. Polar Air came out and showed up early for our appointment on a Sunday, correctly diagnosed the problem and then took the time to work with the AC's manufacturer to find out it WAS under warranty. Now, within 24 hours, our AC is repaired and for much less than other companies wanted to charge. I am now a Polar Air customer for life! It's so nice to find someone who will take the time to do things right and be honest.”
– Courtney F.
“We won a cruise from Polar Air and Lennox!! We recently bought not 1 but 2 complete AC systems from Polar Air, and Joe was the technician that helped us. Joe had great customer service, manners, he was upfront, and they were easy to work with. We qualified for the cruise voucher because of the amount of Lennox product we were buying. The voucher was given to us at the end of the project as a gift for doing business with them. Joe was on time and the project went well, so there was no need to get another big. I have to say, receiving the cruise makes me want to tell everyone about Polar Air. My wife and I have never gone on a cruise before so we're very excited! We just moved in and when everything settles down we plan to go to Alaska; it's been on our bucket list. I will absolutely recommend Polar Air and Joe, not just for the work they did, but also for the vacation gift they will receive when working with them.”
– Fedor Rubio
“We met with a few different companies, including Polar Air, about replacing our air conditioning unit. Polar Air was by far the most competitive and had the best overall offer on the table. We didn't even know about the cruise incentive until the end of the pitch, but it definitely helped confirm we were making the best decision. I travel a lot to Asia, Hawaii and Mexico, but I've never been on a cruise before. I'm definitely planning to use it and am excited for my next vacation.”
– Ryan Hill
“We had a signed agreement with a different company to install our new AC system, but we cancelled when we met with Polar Air because they were offering a much better deal. When we spoke with Polar Air about getting the new AC system they told us it included a cruise vacation voucher. It seemed almost too good to be true, but it made our purchase a way better deal than the other company we were going to buy from. We're excited for this vacation, and I think we're going to get some friends to join us. We've loved working with Polar, they've met and exceeded our expectations.”
– Reed Miller
“I researched for many hours the type of equipment I wanted for a new AC system for my home. It came down to 4 companies that I called out for a big. One of the systems I like was from Polar Air. It was the Lennox 16 seer AC that I can control from my phone, and it was exactly what I wanted. Polar Air was not the cheapest but the overall deal was a better value, especially with the cruise voucher they gifted me. I have never been on a cruise before but I plan to start with the best, the 7-day trip to Alaska, and I even plan to upgrade to ensure I get the best views. The job did not go as smoothly as they wanted it, but when it was all said and done the AC works great and the vacation made it even better. I have already recommended multiple friends and family members to use Polar Air's services, and to get a vacation of their own.”
– Joan DeJong